Configuring a Simple Search

With simple searches you can specify one index value for any given index field. For example, you could specify the index value Betty's Music Store for the Customer Name index field. As a result, only documents that contain Betty's Music Store in the Customer Name field would be retrieved.

Simple searches can include the AND Boolean operator (they cannot include the OR operator) and only the equal to (=) relational operator (they cannot include any other relational operators).

Though simple searches aren't as powerful as advanced searches, they can be configured quickly (partly because the Simple Search page displays all the index fields assigned to the specified document type, with text boxes for their corresponding index values). If you want to quickly configure a search, a simple search is a better choice than an advanced one.

To configure a simple search

  1. Click the Document Search tab to display the Simple Search page.

  2. Select a document group from the Document Groups list. The document group you select determines, which document types are available.

  3. Select a document type from the Document Types list. After you select a document type, an additional section of the Simple Search page appears.

NOTE: If the Allow multiple Document Type selection in Simple Search check box is selected on the Output Settings, you will be able to select multiple document types. The alternative way for selecting multiple document types is to use the Open multiple Document Types selection arrow that flanks right the Document Types list. To stop selecting multiple document types, click this arrow once again.

  1. Specify the report date or date range in the From and/or To fields. You can manually enter dates in the date fields (mm/dd/yyyy), or you can click theclip004 icon and select dates from the Calendar window.

NOTE: This step is optional. But if no dates are supplied, all documents in the Monarch Server system of the specified document type are included in the search. You can also select the Latest Reports check box, to include all reports that were added to the system during the last filing. To display or hide the Latest Reports check box, use the Show advanced options / Hide advanced options heading correspondingly. Availability of this heading depends on Administrator's settings.

  1. Use the Annotation Criteria list to specify whether annotated or not-annotated reports are to be included in the search. This list contains the following options: All Reports, Not-Annotated Reports Only, Annotated Reports Only.

NOTE: Annotation Criteria list, use the Show advanced options / Hide advanced options heading correspondingly. Availability of this heading depends on Administrator's settings. This step is optional. Annotation criteria selection is available under the corresponding license.

  1. In the text boxes by the appropriate index fields, specify index values for as many of the index fields as you want to. You can type index values, or you can click clip0006 and select a value using the Keyword Lookup dialog box.

  2. Click the Search button to submit the search.

After you submit the search, the Document List appears, displaying all documents that match your search criteria.

You can re-use the last search query conditions for another search. For that, use the Apply button in the Last search query box.


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