About Index Fields

Index fields (also called indexes or keyword types) are fields of information, upon which document retrievals are based. Within Monarch Server, index fields are used to locate and retrieve documents according to specified index values (also called keyword values). For example, when configuring a simple, advanced search or report search, if you specify an index value of 011-39-0778 for a Social Security Number index field, documents that contain the Social Security Number index field and an index value of 011-39-0778 in that field, will be retrieved.

When adding a document type to the system, an administrator assigns index fields to the document type. For example, an index field specified for the Orders document type might be Purchase Order Number, while one for the Personnel document type might be Employee Social Security Number. When you configure a search, you can specify index values for these index fields. The index values you specify are the search terms used to retrieve any matching documents from the report warehouse.



















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