Equal to (=) Operator

When configuring a search, the equal to (=) operator is one of the relational operators you can use to specify the relationship between an index field and an index value in your search criteria.

In both simple and advanced searches, the equal to (=) operator is the default relational operator used. Though you cannot specify a different relational operator with a simple search, with an advanced search you can select any other relational operator from the Operator drop-down list on the Advanced Search page.

NOTE: This list is not visible, until you select a document group and document type from the corresponding drop-down lists.

Use the equal to (=) operator to retrieve only those documents that contain, in the specified index field, the index value contained in the search phrase.


Customer Name = Bob's Records retrieves all documents with an index value of Bob's Records in the Customer Name index field.

Ship Date = 01/31/2001 retrieves all the documents with an index value of 01/31/2001 in the Ship Date index field.
















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