Preferences: Sketching

Define preferences for sketching.


Preference Description
Auto-Align Axes Automatically align the Y axis vertically in any new sketching plane. When this option is turned off, the sketch plane will be rotated to the closest principal axis instead.
View Along Sketch Normal Automatically align the sketch plane.
Orthographic Projection at Creation Automatically switch to orthographic projection when entering sketch mode, and return to the previously selected projection tool when existing sketch mode.
Show Grid Show or hide grids.
Show Closed Regions Shade the closed regions of the sketch profile.
Show Points Show or hide points.
Show Center Points Show or hide center points of circles or arcs.
Show Constraints Show or hide constraints when in sketch editing mode.
Show Dimensions Show or hide dimensions when in sketch editing mode.
Show Variable Names in Dimensions Show or hide the names of variables in dimensions.
Show Construction Lines Show or hide construction lines when in sketch editing mode.
Show Construction Aides Show or hide the construction aides used in the Polyline tool. Enabling this option allows you to specify x- and y-coordinate values.
Show Intersection Curves on Sketch Plane Creation Show or hide intersection curves when you create a sketch plane.
Default Fillet Radius (m) Define the default fillet radius for sketch geometry.
Sketch Plane Transparency (%) Define the percent transparency of parts in the modeling window while in sketch mode.
Constraint Display Size Define the size of the constraint icons in the modeling window.
Grid Spacing (m) As you zoom in and out of a sketch plane, the grid spacing changes. Define the smallest and largest grid size based on the selected metric or imperial display units.