OS-E: 0610 Manifold: Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer

Nonlinear transient heat transfer analysis of a manifold is done using OptiStruct. The thermal conductivity of the material is a function of temperature.

Figure 1. FE Model with Loadcases and Loadstep

Model Files

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Model Description

Consists of a manifold, on which the inlet is maintained at 355°C and the outlet at 122°C. The inside of the manifold is maintained at a temperature of 816°C. Temperature dependent material properties are defined using TABLEM1. Convective heat transfer occurs through the inside surface of the manifold. Here you run Nonlinear heat transfer analysis.

The solid element properties are:
First order Solid elements
The material properties for the manifold are:
Thermal Conductivity
0.045 W/mmK
Poisson's Ratio
7.9 x 10-9 ton/mm3

Figure 2. Dependency of Thermal Conductivity as a Function of Temperature


Figure 3. Variation of Grid Temperature at Time 0.05 Seconds

Figure 4. Variation of Grid Temperature at Time 1 Second