OS-E: 0200 Beam Bending

A comparison study of the bending of a straight cantilever beam modeled using shell elements in OptiStruct Nonlinear transient dynamic analysis with the Radioss Explicit Solution.

Figure 1. FE Model with Boundary Conditions

Figure 2. Geometry of the Problem

Model Files

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Model Description

This example has a simple cantilever beam with an end moment. The moment variation is modeled by introducing a constant imposed velocity on the free end. The moment is applied on a rigid body created at one end of the beam and on the other end all the DOF’s are blocked.

The FE Model properties are:
Shell Elements
First order Quad elements
The linear isotropic material properties are:
Young's Modulus
1000 MPa
Poisson's Ratio
Initial Density
0.01 g/mm3
Reference Density
0.01 g/mm3


Figure 3 shows the displacement of Node #309 in Y direction, between OptiStruct and Radioss.
Figure 3.

Figure 4 shows the comparison of OptiStruct and Radioss results for Displacement (deflection) of the beam at time 1605 seconds. The wire-mesh shows the un-deformed position at time 0 seconds.
Figure 4. OptiStruct on the Left; Radioss on the Right