hwtk::settings - pathName ?option value? …


-hwtk::settings color colorName ?arg arg …?
Returns information about HWTK color representations. If colorName is a hexadecimal representation of an HWTK color, then the integer representation of that color is returned. If colorName colorName is an integer, then the hexadecimal representation is returned. Note that integer color representations start at 1.
-hwtk::settings favoritedirs tag ?arg arg …?
A facility for managing file system directories.
-hwtk::settings favoritedirs add directoryPath
Caches a directory directoryPath to be referenced later. The initial referencing name for the directory is the name of the directory. directoryPath is the directory path that can be either fully qualified or relative to the current working directory.
-hwtk::settings favoritedirs get
Returns the dictionary object of saved directories, where the keys are the referencing names and the values are the fully qualified directory paths.
-hwtk::settings favoritedirs rename oldName newName
Changes the referencing name oldName to be newName.
-hwtk::settings favoritedirs remove directoryName
Removes the saved entry directoryName from the cache.
-hwtk::settings file fileTag ?arg arg …?
A facility for managing file paths. If only a fileTag is specified, then the path of the referenced file will be returned if it exists. If a path is also provided, then it is saved to the name fileTag.
-hwtk::settings font fontTag ?arg arg …?
Returns the official name of font fontTag.
-hwtk::settings gradient gradientName ?arg arg …?
Returns information about gradient gradientName.
-hwtk::settings settheme ?arg arg …?
Sets the theme. May be either unity or default. Calling settheme without an argument returns the current theme.