Four buttons give access to the following setting definition:

  • Temperature of active components: winding and squirrel cage
  • Definition of the power electronics parameters

    Inverter control strategy

    Inputs for evaluating the power electronics stage losses

  • Definition of mechanical loss model parameters

    For more details, please refer to the document: MotorFactory_2024_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Test_Introduction.

  • Import

    Provides the ability to import the current inputs and results from the test “Characterization – Model – Motor – Scalar”. This will save the computation time related to the identification of the non-linear model, in other words, saves the computation time related to the finite element solving, which generally represent the main part of the computation time of the test.

1 Import inputs – Accelerate test resolution
2 Current results from test “Characterization – Model – Motor – Scalar”