It is possible to export the datasheet of a material which is being displayed.

Material properties are classified in different categories depending on its family. It is possible to choose one or several of these categories to be exported.

How to export a material datasheet?
1 By using the dedicated button inside the input area, a dedicated dialog box gets opened
2 Name of the exporting text file
3 Choice for exporting data into *.txt or *.xls files
4 Folder in which the provided file will be stored
5 System of units for numerical data can be given using SI Units (Units based on International System of Units). If the answer is “No”, the default units used in FluxMotor will be considered

Merged results means the results are written in one single text file.

When the answer is no, a text file is provided for each category of result.

7 Visualization of all categories of the material properties. Categories must be checked for adding them to the text files.
8 Button to apply inputs, closing the panel and opening the folder in which the generated text files are stored
9 Button to cancel action and close the panel