Import materials

How to import materials ?

It is possible to import materials from external material database built by another user of FluxMotor®. All the imported materials will be stored in the user material database.

Here is the way to import materials:

How to import a material ?
1 Main button to open the dialog box allows importing materials.
2 Dialog box shows importing materials from each material family.
Note: Imported materials will be stored in user material database.
3 Select the path from which the materials must be imported.
Note: This selection is mandatory to continue the process of exporting.
4 Select the materials to be imported from each family.
5 Choose to import the materials one by one.
6 Choose to import all the materials at the same time.
7 Displaying of the materials that are chosen for import (after exporting)

Importing selected materials is achieved by clicking on the Import button.

Moreover, it is also possible to cancel the process of importing.