“Delete a material” implies that it is removed from the material database.

Only materials from the user material database can be deleted.
Note: While deleting a material used in the design of an existing motor, the name of this material and all the corresponding physical properties are kept in the data of the motor. These are kept if the material is not changed in the motor. If the material is replaced by another one, the former material (removed from the material database) won’t be usable anymore.

How to delete a material?
1 Select the name of the material to be deleted.
2 The first way to delete a material consists of using the right mouse button to expand the corresponding menu and clicking on the function “Delete”.
3 The second way to delete a material consists of clicking on the “Delete” button in the area where several functions are located at bottom part of the user material database to manage the materials.
A dedicated dialog box allows finalizing the deletion of the selected material.
Note: Several materials can be selected to be deleted.

The deletion of the material is achieved when clicking on “Yes”.

Obviously, it is possible to cancel the deletion by clicking on “No”.