Induction machines – Motor Factory – Test environment

Computation of tests for induction machines with skewing

When the squirrel cage or the slots are skewed for induction machines, the tests are computed with Altair® Flux® Skew at the back end of the FluxMotor®.

This leads to an increase in computation time.

For the test “Performance Mapping – Sine wave – Motor – T(Slip)” and the test “Characterization – Model – Motor – Linear”, the computation time can be greater than 45 minutes depending on the concerned machine, and is generally lower than 5 minutes when it is without skewing of the squirrel cage or slot.

The computation time for computing a working point is generally close to 8 minutes with the skewing of squirrel cage or slots and lower than 1 minute when it is without skewing.

The required allocated memory is higher when Flux® Skew computations are performed at the back-end of the FluxMotor®.

By default, the maximum allocated memory for Flux® Skew software and Flux® 2D software is set to DYNAMIC (user’s preferences - Advanced tab).

Computation of power density for induction machines

There was an issue in the process of computing or displaying the power density for induction machines.

The result was given in W/m3 while it is in W/kg for other machines SMPM, RSM.

This issue has been corrected.

However, it won’t be possible to use a connector for HyperStudy®, generated with an older version, for driving the FluxMotor® 2023.