Connector for HyperStudy

1. Overview

The aim of this export is to build a connector, allowing Altair® HyperStudy® to drive Altair® FluxMotor® for performing motor optimizations based on the computation processes embedded into FluxMotor®.

This can be done for an eligible test list by using input/output parameters defined in FluxMotor®.

Then, after having performing studies with HyperStudy® (Optimization or Design Of Experiment -DOE- for instance), the results can be visualized by selecting the resulting machine in the “Motor Catalog”.

Note: This functionality is not yet implemented for polyphase machines. It will be addressed in a future version.

2. Area to build a connector

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export connector for HyperStudy®
1 Selection of the EXPORT area of Motor Factory.
2 Access the area in which a connector for HyperStudy® can be made
3 Zone to visualize either the overview of the selected test or the corresponding user input/output parameters
4 4 steps to build the connector to be exported for HyperStudy®
5 Buttons to validate inputs, display a preview and export the built connector for HyperStudy®

3. Steps to build and export a connector

In EXPORT / ADVANCED TOOLS / HYPERSTUDY area, 4 steps are needed to build and export a report:

  1. Select the test which will be performed by HyperStudy®
  2. Define the test configuration, that means the user inputs/outputs parameters needed to define the test (settings and user inputs of the considered test)
  3. Select the inputs/outputs parameters for performing studies with HyperStudy®
  4. Define the export information