Export test results

Export test results

When a test is completed, the corresponding results can be exported in a text file format by using the Export test results button (1)

1 Icon to export test results into *.txt or *.xls files.
2 Dialog box to export test results. See the next chapter for details about the fields in this dialog box.

The process of exporting results into a text file is managed inside the following dedicated dialog box.

1 Field to give information about the exported file:
  • Name of the file (*.txt or *.xls file)
  • Folder where the file must be stored
  • Check if you want to export data in SI unit system. If not, data are exported in the current unit system that was used to solve the test (defined in “Units” application).
  • Merged results are to be chosen if you want to export all results in one file or one file per result
2 Select the results you want to export.

All the results available for exporting are grouped in section as it is in the result panel of the considered test.

* Resulting file can be imported in other software packages like MS Excel, Compose, Octave etc.