1. Example

Here is an example of regions in inner magnet. Note that the same principles apply to outer magnet.

Regions for inner magnet - Example
1 Magnet
2 Pole shoe
3 Edge
4 Bridge
5 Web
6 Yoke
7 Web
8 LOCAL coordinate system for defining the polarization of the magnet

A coordinate system is dedicated to magnet. This is what we call the LOCAL coordinate system.

It is used to define the magnet’s polarization.

Note: By default, a GLOBAL coordinate system is defined. Its reference point is located at the center of the rotor.
Note: For spoke magnets, the coordinate system defining polarization must be along the symmetry axis. Otherwise the polarization will not be consistent.

Definition of the local coordinate system for spoke magnets

2. List of possible elementary regions for an inner magnet.

  • Magnet, Pole shoe, Edge, Bridge, Web, Yoke is illustrated above.
  • Pole core, Interpole or Hub
  • Description of different ferromagnetic zones in magnetic circuit associated with magnet.
  • Hole or Slit

1 – Example of slit
  • Cooling hole
  • Mechanical device to represent rivet for example
  • Ferromagnetic wedge