1. Browse function - Description

2. Contents of folders

1.1 Overview

The contents of folder directly reachable from the CATALOG interface are described below.

Browsing to access the catalog folder
1 Selection of a user’s catalog. In our example the name of this catalog is “MyCatalog”.
2 Click on the icon “BROWSE” to reach the folders dealing with the motor.
3 Click on the path in the “Working folder” field to reach the folders dealing with the motor.
4 Content of the folder “MyCatalog”:Two folders “Attachments” and “Motors” + one xml file:

MyCatalog.xml.See below the content of these folders.

1.2 Folder organization

The graph below shows how to reach the main files dealing with catalogs or motors.

Content of folders

Folder “Attachments”:

All the documents associated to the considered catalog (or Motor).

Folder “Motors”:

All the motors stored in the considered catalog.