View the list of messages that may be reported by RUNFEKO.


Error 20002:
Too many command line arguments are used.
Errors 20003, :
The number of processes must follow after the option -np.
Errors 20004, :
Invalid specification '<text>' for number of processes .
Errors 20005, :
Unknown command line option '<text>' .
Errors 20006, :
Invalid specification --num-threads '<text>' for newFASANT .
Error 20009:
Error reading the header of the file '<text>'. Please recreate this file with PREFEKO version 22.27 from 2001-09-12 or later (required is the format of the FEK file or later).
Error 20012:
A filename must follow the option --machines-file.
Error 20014:
Error creating the file '<text>'.
Error 20020:
The environment variable FEKO_MPI_ROOT is not set..
Error 20022:
File '<text>' not found (option --execute-prefeko forces execution of PREFEKO).
Error 20026:
The priority must follow after the option --priority.
Error 20027:
Invalid specification '<text>' for priority .
Error 20031:
A hostname or IP address must follow the option --remote-host.
Error 20036:
File '<text>' not found to execute PREFEKO (required due to time/date dependency or for remote launching).
Error 20045:
Invalid setting of FEKO_WHICH_MPI.
Error 20052:
The selected MPI implementation does not support Windows CCS / HPCS.
Error 20053:
The environment variable FEKO_WHICH_MPI is not defined.
Error 20060:
A method must follow the option --parallel-authenticate.
Error 20061:
Unknown method for the option --parallel-authenticate.
Error 20062:
The environment variable FEKO_RSH cannot be set..
Error 20063:
The frequency number being analyzed must follow after the option --adaptfeko-mode.
Error 20067:
File '<text>' not found (option --execute-cadfeko_batch forces execution of CADFEKO_BATCH).
Error 20069:
When using OpenMP threading (i.e. option --use-openmp-threading) then also the number of parallel processes/threads must be specified (use option -np x).
Error 20077:
Cannot set remote environment (FEKO_IS_REMOTE).
Error 20087:
Unable to locate mpiexec.exe for MS-MPI. (Please check if MS-MPI runtime is installed.).
Error 20088:
Using optimisation in connection with continuous frequency data is not supported, please use a discrete frequency sampling.
Errors 20126, 20130:
An error occurred reading a header line from the file '<text>'.


Note 31127:
OpenMP threading is ignored due to better performance without this option.


Warning 20035:
When killing a remote job, the Feko files are possibly not copied back from the remote host (check the remote directory <text> there).
Warning 20049:
Option --machines-file will be ignored as --use-job-scheduler is active.
Warnings 20050, :
Option -np will be ignored as --use-job-scheduler is active.
Warning 20086:
The environment variable FEKO_PARALLEL_DEBUG cannot be set..
Warning 20101:
The environment variable FEKO_EXE_NAME_POSTFIX cannot be set..