View the list of messages that may be reported by OPTFEKO.


Error 21010:
File '<text>' not found.
Error 21018:
Error writing the file '<text>'. .
Errors 21000, 21001, 21002, 21003, 21004, 21005, 21006, 21025, 21034, 21085, 21086, 21097, 21349, 21369, 21370:
Error at allocation of memory.
Errors 21033, 21385:
Error reading from the file '<text>'.
Error 21295:
Invalid number of parallel processes obtained from the machines file.
Error 21324:
GA specified population size should be at least 2.
Error 21325:
PSO specified population size should be at least 1.
Errors 21347, 21348, 21352, 21353, 21357, 21358, 21371:
Terminating due to errors when adding entries to the OPTFEKO buffer (see previous detailed error message).
Error 21368:
Method not yet supported with HyperOpt.
Errors 21041, 21087, 21350, 21351, 21362, 21375, 21381:
Internal error.
Errors 21354, 21355, 21356, 21363, 21364, 21365, 21366, 21378:
Terminating OPTFEKO due to errors (see previous detailed error message).
Error 33866:
HyperOpt interface not supported for this platform..


Warnings 21049, 21051, 21367:
Maximum number of analyses reached (possible premature convergence).
Warnings 21062, 21063:
Insufficient data for computation of standard deviation.
Warning 21098:
The Simplex Nelder-Mead algorithm will run sequentially while moving the simplex. Farming will only be utilised when a new simplex is being constructed.
Warning 21293:
Optimisation will only use <number> parallel processes due to the PSO population size.
Warning 21294:
Optimisation will only use <number> parallel processes due to the GA population size.
Warning 21327:
Grid Search may be inefficient due to the large number of analyses requested.
Warning 21382:
ARSM does not support farming, OPTFEKO will continue running sequentially.
Warning 21383:
The GRSM algorithm requires a minimum number of iterations to find an optimum solution. The number of farming processes will be reduced in order to increase the number of iterations. Increase the maximum number of solver runs to avoid limiting the number of farming processes.