Multibody Processing Library

The Multibody Processing library supports multibody-related, multi-disciplinary workflows and system-level vibration analysis in time and frequency domains.

The library is based on linear steady-state analysis (modes) or nonlinear transient analysis (signals).


  • Understand the contribution of nonlinear effects to system vibrations.
  • Design and optimize system actuation and control over the operating range.
  • Predict and control system stability and robustness over the operating range.
  • Perform quantitative analysis of response time-histories in the frequency domain using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
  • Perform analysis of system modes and computation of system Frequency Response Functions (FRF) at multiple operating points.
  • Perform Cross Power Spectral Density (PSD) calculation between output and input signals to estimate the Frequency Response Functions for multiple parametric settings.


The library is packaged with Compose but requires installation before use.

To install the library, select File > Extension Manager, then click the toggle button on the Multibody Processing extension.


The library includes three command modules: HyperStudy Utilities, MotionSolve Post-Processing and MotionView Utilities.

Module Commands in this module Usage
HyperStudy Utilities
  • mbrcrossvalue
  • mbindexatvalue
  • mbipsd
Detect the time of events, and related index, to compute a response over a reduced time domain by leveraging the corresponding index range.
MotionSolve Post-Processing for producing various plots based on MotionSolve outputs.
  • cpsdplot
  • dsacpsdplot
Estimate Frequency Response Functions between multiple output signals and one single input signal by leveraging Cross Power Spectral Density.
  • dsafftplot
  • fftplot
Compare plots of results in time and frequency domains by leveraging Fast Fourier Transform of multiple output signals.
  • dsafrfplot
  • frfplot
Compare plots of results in a frequency domain with computed FRF between multiple plant outputs and inputs by leveraging the output of A, B, C, D state matrices.
MotionView Utilities
  • pully
  • tangent
  • winch
Parametrize the definition of a cable system.

Multibody Processing Commands