Add/Edit Stalk

Create and edit a virtual stalk in Inspire Cast.

  1. Click the Casting tab.
  2. Click the Components icon.

  3. Click the Add/Edit Stalk icon.

  4. Click a gate on the runner to create the stalk.
    Note: If there is no gate already created, Inspire Cast will ask you to create one.
    Inspire Cast creates a stalk.

  5. Use the microdialog options to define the stalk's material, initial temperature, height, and sleeve thickness.

  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.

Microdialog Options

Define the type, temperature, height, and sleeve thickness of the stalk..

Option Description

Choose between Generic Exothermal and Generic Isothermal.

Enter the stalk sleeve's initial temperature.
Stalk Height Enter the stalk's height.
Sleeve Thickness Enter the stalk's sleeve thickness.