Template Manager

Generate and manage the templates of PollEx Golden Sample.

  • Main Layer: Check the main layer information on the page.
  • Add to Template: The current page layout is added as a template, and items from four are added after the basic types one to three.
  • Select Template: Template type window. Select the desired template. Click OK. The format is automatically generated with the corresponding template for each page.
  • View Mode-Mirror: Selects whether to mirror the page.
  • Add Template Type: Selects each icon of Panel View, Unit View, Table View, Table, Note and Image, and then generates a template with mouse drag on the right screen area.
  • Template Type: Check the added template information.
  • Reload: Restores changes to initial mode.
  • Apply: After modifying the value on the list, the changed value is applied on the work screen. To delete the template type, select the type on the list, click Delete, and then click Apply to delete the selected type.
  • Check Item Information: Check the check item Information assigned to the page.