Define Volumetric Radome

The "Define Volumetric Radome" option allows the user to generate a volumetric radome, including materials. Every radome layer is bounded by two surrounding interfaces and the material defined on the inner interface. Click on to add a new radome.
Figure 1. Volumetric Radome Definition Tab

Select the desired object (must be a valid geometric volume) and click the Set Volume button to add the Volume to the radome. Click on the material cell to specify the radome material. Aditionally the user can add FSS Elements in the same manner as in an Interface Radome as mentioned in the previous point.

The "Antenna Results" check box enables meshing and calculating the antenna system without the radome structure. This option enables "Insertion Losses" and "Boresight Error" and allows to compare the results when the radome is considered or not.
Figure 2. Set FSS Elements on Interface 1