Simulation Model Assembly and Check

Element Count

  1. Determine the facet count and other critical information, including the following:
    1. Facet count (total, triangles, and quadrilaterals)
    2. Shell count (closed and open)
    3. Edge count (free, triple, and quadruple+)
  2. If you want a lower facet count, you may increase the cordial deviation or coarsen up the cells in non-flow critical areas. Use your judgement to ensure an acceptable quality of mesh remains for accurate aerodynamic simulations. Generally, a facet count of approximately 5 Million is adequate to ensure proper surface resolution.

Evaluation and Cleanup

Check the facet quality. This includes the following:
  1. Interferences, penetrations and wrinkles
  2. Small angles, high aspect ratios, and high skewness may be helpful in indicating problem areas
  3. Nomal of shells are orienting outwards

Simulation Model Assembly and Check

All meshed components from flow-critical and non-flow-critical meshing, including wrapping, should be assembled in one meshing tool session. There might also be previously meshed parts that should be imported directly and joined to the rest of the components. Check the complete simulation model before importing it into VWT.