Overview of Modelica Library





The Modelica Standard Library consists of the followingmain sub-libraries:

Library Components Description
Analog electric and electronic components, such as resistor, capacitor, transformers, diodes, transistors, transmission lines, switches, sources, sensors.
Digital electrical components based on the VHDL standard, like basic logic blocks with 9-value logic, delays, gates, sources, converters between 2-, 3-, 4-, and 9-valued logic.
Electrical asynchronous-, synchronous-, and DC-machines (motors and generators) as well as 3-phase transformers.
Based on magnetic flux tubes concepts. Especially to model electro-magnetic actuators. Nonlinear shape, force, leakage, and material models. Material data for steel, electric sheet, pure iron, Cobalt iron, Nickel iron, NdFeB, Sm2Co17, and more.
1-dim. mechanical, translational systems, e.g., sliding mass, mass with stops, spring, damper.
1-dim. mechanical, rotational systems, e.g., inertias, gears, planetary gears, convenient definition of speed/torque dependent friction (clutches, brakes, bearings, ..)

MultiBody 3-dim. mechanical systems consisting of joints, bodies, force and sensor elements. Joints can be driven by drive trains defined by 1-dim. mechanical system library (Rotational). Every component has a default animation. Components can be arbitrarily connected together.
1-dim. thermo-fluid flow in networks of vessels, pipes, fluid machines, valves and fittings. All media from the Modelica.Media library can be used (so incompressible or compressible, single or multiple substance, one or two phase medium).
Large media library providing models and functions to compute media properties, such as h = h(p,T), d = d(p,T), for the following media:
  • 1240 gases and mixtures between these gases.
  • incompressible, table based liquids (h = h(T), etc.).
  • compressible liquids
  • dry and moist air
  • high precision model for water (IF97).
FluidHeatFlow, HeatTransfer Simple thermo-fluid pipe flow, especially to model cooling of machines with air or water (pipes, pumps, valves, ambient, sensors, sources) and lumped heat transfer with heat capacitors, thermal conductors, convection, body radiation, sources and sensors.

Input/output blocks to model block diagrams and logical networks, e.g., integrator, PI, PID, transfer function, linear state space system, sampler, unit delay, discrete transfer function, and/or blocks, timer, hysteresis, nonlinear and routing blocks, sources, tables.
Hierarchical state machines with a similar modeling power as Statecharts. Modelica is used as synchronous action language, i.e., deterministic behavior is guaranteed
 A = [1,2,3;   3,4,5;   2,1,4]; b = {10,22,12}; x = Matrices.solve(A,b); Matrices.eigenValues(A); 
Math, Utilities
Functions operating on vectors and matrices, such as for solving linear systems, eigen and singular values etc., and functions operating on strings, streams, files, e.g., to copy and remove a file or sort a vector of strings.