Package Modelica.​Media
Library of media property models


This library contains interface definitions for media and the following property models for single and multiple substance fluids with one and multiple phases:

The following parts are useful, when newly starting with this library:

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Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Contents

AirMedium models for air
CommonData structures and fundamental functions for fluid properties
CompressibleLiquidsCompressible liquid models
ExamplesDemonstrate usage of property models
IdealGasesData and models of ideal gases (single, fixed and dynamic mixtures) from NASA source
IncompressibleMedium model for T-dependent properties, defined by tables or polynomials
InterfacesInterfaces for media models
R134aR134a: Medium model for R134a
UsersGuideUser's Guide of Media Library
WaterMedium models for water