This package contains electric machine models and components for modeling these machines.

Limitations and assumptions:
  • number of phases (of induction machines) is limited to 3, therefore definition as a constant m=3
  • phase symmetric windings as well as symmetry of the whole machine structure
  • all values are used in physical units, no scaling to p.u. is done
  • only basic harmonics (in space) are taken into account
  • waveform (with respect to time) of voltages and currents is not restricted
  • constant parameters, i.e., no saturation, no skin effect

You may have a look at a short summary of space phasor theory at

Further development:
  • generalizing space phasor theory to m phases with arbitrary spatial angle of the coils
  • generalizing space phasor theory to arbitrary number of windings and winding factor of the coils
  • MachineModels: other machine types
  • effects: saturation, skin-effect, ...

In memoriam Prof. Hans Kleinrath (1928-03-07 - 2010-04-05)