Package Modelica.​Electrical.​Spice3
Library for components of the Berkeley SPICE3 simulator


The Spice3 package contains models of the electronic simulator SPICE3. The models were translated into Modelica by rewriting the SPICE3 model code.

Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Contents

AdditionalsSome useful additional models, e.g., from SPICE2 the polynomial sources
BasicBasic electrical components
ExamplesExample circuits
InterfacesConnectors, Interfaces, and partial models
InternalCollection of functions and records derived from the C++ Spice library
SemiconductorsSemiconductor devices and model cards
SourcesTime dependent SPICE3 voltage and current sources
TypesAdditional Spice3 type definitions
UsersGuideUser's Guide