Package Modelica.​Electrical
Library of electrical models (analog, digital, machines, multi-phase)


This library contains electrical components to build up analog and digital circuits, as well as machines to model electrical motors and generators, especially three phase induction machines such as an asynchronous motor.

Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Contents

AnalogLibrary for analog electrical models
DigitalLibrary for digital electrical components based on the VHDL standard with 9-valued logic and conversion to 2-,3-,4-valued logic
MachinesLibrary for electric machines
MultiPhaseLibrary for electrical components of one or more phases
PowerConvertersRectifiers, Inverters and DC/DC converters
QuasiStationaryLibrary for quasi-stationary electrical singlephase and multiphase AC simulation
Spice3Library for components of the Berkeley SPICE3 simulator