This block adds a bus input port to a super block for linking bus signals outside of the super block to blocks inside of the super block.


This block adds a bus output port to a super block to connect bus signals inside of the super block to blocks outside of the super block.


This block generates a bus when the parameter is a table. Otherwise, it generates a constant.


This block creates a new bus signal.


This block extracts signals from a bus.


This block is used to assign signals in a bus.


This block connects bus ports from a block to another without connecting them physically. It is used with a SetBusSignal block. A simple SetBusSignal block can send data to multiple GetBusSignal, although a GetBusSignal can receive data from only one SetBusSignal. SetBusSignal transports its input data to its corresponding GetBusSignal block.


This block sends output bus signals to a corresponding GetBusSignal block by connecting the bus ports of the blocks without using a link. A single SetBusSignal block can send bus signals to multiple GetBusSignal blocks, but a GetBusSignal block can receive bus signals from only one SetBusSignal block.


This block defines the Scope of the bus signal, which is defined by the SetBusSignal block with the corresponding signal name, when the SetBusSignal block is configured as "Scoped".