Create Your First Space

Entities in SmartWorks IoT, like Things and Workbooks, cannot be seen from one Space to another, except from the workbooks, as they are stored under the user’s folder.

Users, however, can be members of multiple spaces. Each User can create multiple Spaces, and each can be invited to a Space created by another User.

In addition, Users MUST create or join at least one Space before creating any entity (as those entities exclusively belong to the Space in which they are created).

Before you can start building, you must define a Space for your project to live in.

Note: Name your Space carefully, it is not editable and is used in URL references later. Space names must be unique, even among other users. If a Space name has already been used, the following message will appear:

Figure 1.
  1. To create a new Space, click the tile to create a new Space to build your IoT project.
  2. Enter your Space name and click Create.

    Figure 2.
    The Space is saved, and the SmartWorks IoT "Let's start building!" screen appears.
  3. Click Let's start building!
    The home screen appears, with the Welcome to SmartWorks IoT Studio! banner displayed.

    Figure 3.
    Tip: Link your Space to your AltairOne account by clicking on the Link Account button on the Space selection page.

    Enter the Token information in the menu that appears.
  4. Review the information in the dialog, then click to close it.
    Note: Select the Do not open this at login to dismiss this dialog from automatically opening at login. You can re-enable the dialog by clicking the Hints icon in the upper left hand corner.
  5. You can create multiple Spaces, and toggle between them as necessary. To create more Spaces or access previously created Spaces, click Switch Space at the bottom of the menu pane.