IoT Use Cases

Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish technology startup company developing an aerogenerator with no blades

Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish technology startup company developing an aerogenerator with no blades, leverages Altair SmartWorks to advance product designs. Hear how the Vortex team is using an IoT monitoring board and a digital twin to accelerate the development process while continuously improving product performance.

Redefining Connected Buildings with Altair SmartWorks

Toggled iQ combines web application, mobile application, hardware, analytics, and edge computing to create a one-of-a-kind smart building data and device management system. This smart-lighting manufacturer wanted to develop a new, connected lighting and building management solution to help their customers save money, improve comfort, and comply with new regulations. They used Altair SmartWorks to build a complete front end, back end, and edge compute architecture. With this, Toggled’s customers can now manage users, onboard devices, manage compute workloads in their gateway product, develop building automation, and optimize energy usage.

Smart City with Pozuelo de Alarcon

The citizens of Pozuelo de Alarcón in Spain wanted a cleaner and more efficient city. The goals were to protect the environment, decrease energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and control expenses.The city council used the SmartWorks platform to realize its digital transformation.

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Socomec & Altair SmartWorks - Delivering Leading-Edge IoT Solutions

France-based Socomec’s specialty is providing low-voltage energy installations, from equipment to monitoring, where energy is critical – robust and ultra-reliable solutions for buildings like datacenters, solar plants, utilities, and hospitals. Using Altair SmartWorks has enabled Socomec to implement increasingly sophisticated power setups and services, offering their customers the up-to-the-minute technology they need to power their businesses.

Use Machine Learning to Implement Effective Predictive Maintenance

Effective predictive maintenance systems use machine learning algorithms to process real-time sensor data on temperature, pressure, torque, vibration, and other key parameters to determine when failures are likely to occur. Watch this video to learn how Altair tools can help determine the variables with the most predictive power, how to train predictive maintenance models with historical data, and how easy it is to deploy models into an operational workflow.

Altair SmartWorks Improves Energy Performance and Profitability of UNATEC

"Altair SmartWorks was the perfect partner to launch Energy Smart Generation as it shortened our time to market to develop and test the product and later on proved to be a reliable partner to support the product for our key clients." - Raúl Gil García,Business Development Manager at Unatec

Unatec, a company with over 10 years in energy solutions consulting, faced the challenge of controlling costs and improving production for energy producers. Uncontrolled costs and incorrect predictions can greatly diminish profits, potentially incurring losses.
By using the Altair SmartWorks platform to improve the performance and profitability of renewable energy companies, Unatec was able to bring this innovative technology to market in just 6 months. The platform includes:
  • Multiple prediction models comparison
  • Smart metering system deployment
  • Extended production prediction capabilities
  • Customized KPIs tracked in real-time
  • Control of deviation and energy measurements
  • Increased forecast results
  • Reduced penalty fees
  • Outages prevention
  • Optimal maintenance scheduling
  • Efficient intervention task management

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Connectivity Solutions for Industrial Internet of Things in the Mining Industry

Industry 4.0 has led companies to investigate the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using modern smart technologies via Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) making agricultural and mining equipment, trucks, and other heavy industrial assets smarter via effective connectivity solutions.

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A Smart Solution for a Circular Economy

Organizations are committing themselves to a circular economy, which serves a dual purpose: It helps organizations recover and recycle their products – which reduces input costs – and addresses climate change by making their products more sustainable. But for their efforts to be successful, they need a solution that makes it easier for all the stakeholders – the organization, their customers, and the partners – to participate.

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Explore how SmartWorks helps a high-end electric motorcycle company develop an application to manage its fleet of motorcycles

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