Import a File

Open a previously saved scene and merge it with the current one.

Tip: When opening/importing and saving/exporting IGES or STEP files, if the default import option CT doesn't work properly, try changing it to PS.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Press Ctrl (Command) + M.
    • Select File > Import.
  2. Import ignores views configuration information from the incoming file. If the model contains rendering data such as environments or rendering properties, the Rendering Data window prompts you to choose how to join the data from the selected model with what is already in your scene:
    • Skip: Imports only geometry, lights, and cameras from the selected library model, but not rendering data such as environments and rendering properties.
    • Overwrite: Overwrites rendering data such as environments and rendering properties in your current model with those in the selected library model.
    • Merge: Adds the rendering data from the selected library model to your current model. This data is only used if not currently specified in the scene.
Note: Geometry and possible cameras and lights are always added to the scene.