Working with Construction History

You can left-click or right-click an object in the construction history.

View an Object's Construction History

Left-clicking an object expands the levels of information about it in the tree.

  1. In the Model Browser, left-click the object.
    The object is selected.
  2. The Construction Tree is shown at the bottom of the Model Browser, in the Construction History browser.
  3. Click + to expand the tree, or - to collapse it.
    Note: The tree may or may not be expanded. In the collapsed state, only the top-level objects are shown with a + next to their names.

Edit an Object's Construction History

Right-clicking an object opens a context menu with options to show and hide layers, edit parts, delete history, and return an object to a previous state. This can be useful if you want to create a new object from a particular state of an existing object.

Some options are locked and grayed out, depending on the type of object.

You can either right-click a master object or one of its instances:
  • Right-clicking the master object unlocks the Select instances option.

  • Right-clicking one of the instances unlocks the Select master object option.