Saved Views

After you configure and submit a search, you can save this search. When you save a search, you actually save both the search configuration and the search results. You can save a search in any of the search result views available (for example, Report View, Data View, and so on). When you save a search, it is added to the Saved Views page.

To display the Saved Views page, click the Saved Views tab, at the top of the page.

The Saved Views page displays a list of all views that you saved, and contains the following items:

Search Name: Lists the names of searches that you saved or other DS users assigned to you.

clip0096  Click to send the search by e-mail.

Type: Displays the type of a search: Document Search or Report Search.

Favorite: A star icon in this column denotes searches added to favorites.

clip0098 Click to delete a search from the Saved Views page.

clip0095 Click to edit a saved search.

clip0112 Click to delete a search from the Saved Views page.

clip0003 Click to add a search to favorites.

Use the Saved Views page to:





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