Saving a Search

To save a search

  1. After you configure and submit a document search or report search, the Document List or Report List appears, displaying search results.

  2. Click clip0002 to save the search. The Save dialog box appears.

NOTE: If you want to save the search results displayed in a different way, select a view from the toolbar, in the upper left corner of the page, then click clip0002. Whenever you open the search, the search results will be displayed in the selected view.

  1. Enter a name for the search in the Search Name field.

  2. Select a search group from the Groups list, to assign the search to it.

  3. Click the User, User Groups or Roles heading to expand hidden sections. Select user groups, roles and users (if any) that you want to have access to the search, by dragging their names from the left pane to the right pane, in an appropriate section.

  4. Click the Save button. The search is added to the Saved Views page.

NOTE: Once a search is saved, you can open, edit or submit it at any time.










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