Transaction Reports

Transaction reports provide information about any actions that have occurred in the system, such as security, audit, and so on.

You can generate the following types of transaction reports:

  • Document Actions — Lists the time, date, user, etc., of document actions.

  • Report Actions — Lists the time, date, user, etc., of report actions.

  • Search Actions — Lists the time, date, user, etc., of search actions.

  • Security — Lists the time, user name, and log on/log off information.

  • Filing — Lists the time, user name and filing process information.

  • Maintenance — Lists the time, user name, and maintenance task information.

  • System — Lists system status information (e.g., whether the e-mail system has been started, the sub-volumes have been mounted, etc.).

  • Reports Archived — Lists information about each report stored into Monarch Server

  • Added Users — Lists information about users add during the date range selected.

  • Deleted/Suspended Users — Lists information about users who have been deleted or suspended.

  • Users Not Logged In — Lists information users who have not logged in over a date range.

  • Deleted Documents — Lists detailed information about deleted documents.

  • Report Variance — Lists information about read-only volume’s storage changes (i.e. non-existence or inequality of several zip storages).

  • Deleted Filing Results — Lists information deleted filing results.

To view transaction reports

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click System Reports, and select Transaction. The Transaction Reports page appears.
    The Transaction Reports page contains the following items:

    • Events From To: Specify the beginning and the end of the time interval, for which you want to remove events.

    • Clear Log: Click this button to remove all events that occurred during the time interval defined earlier.

    • Transaction Reports: Contains links to transaction reports of different types.

  2. To generate a report, on the Transaction Reports page, click the link that corresponds to the desired report type.





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