System Preferences

To access the System Preferences page, on the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, and select System Preferences.

The following tabs are available on the System Preferences page:


On the System Preferences tab you can specify the following settings:

System Preferences

  • Maximum transaction report size: Define the maximum number of rows to read from the MS Transaction database.

  • Dynamic search on lists: Select this check box to enable the auto-suggest feature in MSClient, when the user types an index value on the Simple Search page, or a report name on the Reports List or search criteria in all object lists in MSAdmin application.

  • Display "data" items in the Administrator navigation tree: The check box allows an administrator to show/hide "data" items on the Navigation Tree. As the amount of data may total up to hundreds of document groups, types, index fields, filing tasks and so on, it can be useful to hide all these items for easier navigation.

  • Expand Administrator Tree: Select this check box, if you want the MSAdmin Navigation Tree to be expanded to second-level navigation options by default.

  • Hide advanced content: Select this check box to hide some advanced options in the Navigation Tree and object settings.

NOTE: No matter whether the Hide advanced content check box is selected or deselected, you can  hide non-mandatory items by clicking the Hide advanced options heading inside the given section. To display them, click the Show advanced options heading.

  • Implementation Name: This optional name will be displayed on the Login page and on the Welcome line of the user interface.

Session Expiration Alert

  • Admin timer of session expiration (minutes): Specify the time of session expiration alert appearance before the end of session for MSAdmin application.

Notification Settings

  • Show alert before license expiration (days): Specify when to show an alert about license expiration. The default setting is 30 days, i.e., you will see an alert banner at the bottom part of the page 30 days before your license expires. An alert icon will be visible on the top right portion of the page; it allows you to hide/display the alert banner.


  • No alert will be displayed when the field is set to “0”.
  • This notification setting is not applicable to perpetual licenses.
  • The alert banner is color coded as follows:
    • Gray: The license expires in more than a month.
    • Orange: The license expires in less than a month but more than a week.
    • Red: The license expires in less than a week.


  • Save: Saves system settings.

  • Clear: Clears all the boxes.

  • Cancel: Cancels the operation.


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