Changing a Field's Size

The size or data length specifies the maximum width of data that a field may hold. Monarch Classic allows you to change the data length of fields. Before you change the data length of a calculated fields of type character, you should be aware of the following:

  • Character fields: The data length for a character field may be in the range 1-254. If the data length of a character field is not wide enough to accommodate a field value, the extra characters may be truncated.

Changing a field's template width

  1. Select Input Fields from the Table Design ribbon. The list of fields displays on the fields selector.

  2. Select a field and then select the Template tab.

  3. Change the Template Width field.

  4. Select Accept.

Changing a calculated field's size using the Field List dialog

  1. Select Field List from the Table Design ribbon. The Field List window displays. This window displays the properties for all fields in the table, including the field types.

  2. To change a field’s data length, click on the appropriate cell in the Size column, then type a new data length value. Press Enter or click outside the cell to accept the new data length value, or press Escape to restore the previous value.

    Note: Changing a field’s data length can have subtle implications for a Monarch Classic session, in rare cases causing the Monarch Classic table to exceed its size limits. When you change a field’s data length, Monarch Classic performs a series of tests to ensure that no ill effects will result, and will display an error if any of these tests fail. After clearing the error box, you may reduce the field’s data length to avoid the error or press Escape to restore the field’s previous data length.

  3. Repeat step 2 to change the data length for additional fields.

  4. Click Accept to close the Field List window and the changes to the table.

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