Changing a Numeric Field's Decimal Accuracy

Decimal accuracy (also referred to as a field’s decimal precision) determines the maximum number of decimal positions available to a field. If a field value extends beyond the specified number of decimal positions, the field value is rounded to the specified number of decimal positions.

Changing the decimal accuracy for a single field

  1. Depending on your field type, select Input Fields, Database Fields, Formula Fields, Lookup Fields, Runtime Parameter Fields, or User Edit Fields from the Table Design ribbon. The list of fields displays on the fields selector.

  2. Select a field. The field's properties display on the General tab.

  3. Use the Decimals box to increase or decrease the decimal accuracy value.

  4. Select Accept.

Changing the decimal accuracy for multiple fields

  1. Select Field List from the Table Design ribbon. The Field List window displays. This window displays the properties for all fields in the table, including the field types.

  2. To change a field’s decimal accuracy, click on the appropriate cell in the Decimals column, type a new value, then press Enter or click outside the cell to accept the new value or press Escape to restore the previous value.

  3. Repeat Step 2 to change the decimal accuracy for additional fields.

  4. Click Accept to close the Field List window and apply the changes to the table.




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