Summary Clipboard Images

When you copy summary data to the clipboard, Monarch Classic copies the text in tab-delimited format to the clipboard.

Text images

  • Rows (lines)

    Each row in the copy selection is used to create a line of text in the Clipboard image.

  • Columns

    Each column in the copy selection is used to create a column of text in the Clipboard image.

  • Column Titles

  • Monarch Classic can optionally copy the column titles as the first line of text. To include column titles, set Monarch Classic's Include Field Names as First Row of Output option. For a description of this option see Export Options.

  • Column data

    The data copied from each column is determined by the column's width setting. If a column width is too short to accommodate a value, that value is truncated. If a column width is wider than a value, that value is padded with spaces. This results in a text image that reflects the data and column spacing you see on screen. (The column width settings are displayed in the Keys, Measures, and Items tabs of the Summary Definition dialog).

    Numeric columns may optionally be formatted with leading and trailing zeros (in a format similar to that used by older COBOL applications). See the "Pad numeric fields with zeros, suppress the decimal point, and use trailing negation" setting in the  Export Options window.

Pasting a text image to a word processor

When you paste the image to a word processor or other application, the text takes on the current font used by the application. If this font is a proportional-pitch font, the data may appear misaligned. To correct this problem, change the font to a fixed-pitch one. (To determine which fonts are fixed-pitch, return to the Report window and drop-down the font list on the Toolbar; all of the fonts available in the Report window are fixed-pitch).


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