Deleting a Template

When you delete a template, Monarch Classic discards the template definition and removes all effects of the template from the Monarch Classic session. The fields that were previously extracted by the template are no longer available to the Table and Summary views.

  1. Go to Report Design.

  2. On the Report Design interface, select the template you wish to edit on the Templates selector.

  3. Select Delete Template from the Report Design ribbon.

  4. Select Accept from the Report Design ribbon. Monarch Classic deletes the template and discards the fields that belonged to it. It  also brings you back to Report View.


CAUTION: Before clicking the Delete button, make sure you want to delete the template and be careful to select the correct template. After selecting Delete Template, when you click Accept, the template is deleted and cannot be recovered. You can, however, press Cancel from the Report Design ribbon if you decide not to delete the template.





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