Report Design

Report Design allows you to create or edit report templates. You go to this mode within Report View.


The Report Design interface has the following elements:



[ 1 ] Ribbon

Displays all the tools you need to work with a report template.

Refer to the Report Design Ribbon Quick Reference

[ 2 ] Selector

Allows you to search for and/or select a specific template.

[ 3 ] Template Editor

Displays the currently-selected template.

 An action bar at the top of the Template  Editor provides  tools for defining template traps and fields.

[ 4 ] Preview Grid

Displays a sample of the data that will be extracted by the currently-defined templates. The Preview Grid provides quick feedback

[ 5 ] Field Properties panel

Displays the properties of the currently selected field on the Template Editor.


Going to Report Design

Select Report Design on the Report View ribbon.

Creating a template

  1. Select New Template from the Report Design ribbon.

  2. Select a template type.

  3. Define your traps and fields.

See Creating a Template for related information.

Selecting a template

To select a template, click the template on the templates selector:

If you wish to search for a template first, enter search criteria into the searchbox at the top of the templates selector.

Additional Report Design actions

From within Report Design, you can also do the following:

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