Exporting Summary Data Based on Key Value Changes

You can split a summary export according to distinct values of the first key. Doing so will produce a separate table or file for each distinct value.

For example, if you have a summary with Customer as the first key, you can export a file per customer name.

When configuring a summary for an export based on a key value change, unless it is explicitly required, in most cases you may want to suppress the Total Line of the summary (on the General tab of the Summary Definition dialog). Since it doesn't belong to any particular key, the Total Line will be exported to its own file or table, named “Summary” (or whatever the Total Line label has been customized to).

  1. Go to Export Design.

  2. Select a summary export on the Exports selector. The properties for that summary displays.

  3. Select the summary to export.

  4. Select a Drill State option, either Most Detailed or Current. Most Detailed exports the summary in its most detailed (i.e., most drilled down) state, while Current exports the summary in its current drill state. The Drill State option may be grayed if your summary is a simple one.

  5. If exporting an across summary that contains multiple measures, specify a Measures option by selecting one of the following:

    • Active measure or measure grouping

    • Select to export only the current measure or measure grouping.

    • All measures as separate exports

    • Select to export all of the measures as separate exports. If you choose this option, specify the desired Automatic Naming setting, either "by files" (produces a file for each measure) or "by tables" (produces a table for each measure).

  6. Select the Each distinct value of the first key makes a separate file or table check box. Monarch Classic will split the summary export according to each value change in the first key (i.e., the left-most one).

  7. Specify the desired Automatic Naming setting, either by files to have each distinct value of the first key make a separate file, or by tables to have each key value change  make a separate table.

  8. Select Accept to accept the definition, Cancel otherwise.




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