Creating Lookups from Two External Databases

With an external lookup, you can link data from an external database to data extracted from a report. This is useful when a single report doesn’t include all of the data you need. You can also use an external lookup to combine data from two databases without ever loading a report file.

We’ll start by importing data from the Marketing table. This table resides in the Beantown.mdb file (the name of our fictional company is Bean Town Investments). The compensation table resides in a file called Payroll.mdb. We’ll create a lookup to this table in order to add the Salary and Bonus field for each employee.

1. Select the First Database

  1. Select File, Open, then Database. The Open Database dialog displays.

  2. Select the database and complete the open database operation.

  3. Select Accept.

2. Link to the Second Database

Now we need to create a lookup to link to another database table.

  1. Select Add then External Lookup, and then Database from the Table Design ribbon. The Open Database dialog displays.

  2. Select the database file you wish to join and proceed with the external lookup definition.

  3. Select Accept.

Monarch Classic links the external database table to the Monarch Classic table, adding the selected columns to the table window as linked columns.




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