Create Export Dialog

This dialog allows you to create an export definition.

To access this dialog box, select Create Export on the Export View ribbon.




File Name

Enter the file name that will be used for export output.

Source View

Use this selector to select the source of the export.

Export File Type


Specify the export file type.

Additional options need to be defined depending on the file type that you select.

Run this Export

Select this button if you want to immediately run the export after defining it.

Add to Project

Click this button if you want the export to be saved with the Project.

Advance Options

Select this button to define additional options. Options vary depending on the Export file type.

When output files exist options

Provides options for when a file of the specified name and type already exists in the export location. Select one of the following options:

  • Overwrite file: Overwrites the data of the existing output file with the data in the current export file.

  • Add data to file: Adds the export file data to the end of the specified file.

  • Skip file: Used for Monarch Classic project exports, this allows you to create a project export which will skip the export operation if a file of the same name already exists. This is useful for automated operations, where you may not want to overwrite a file that already exists.

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