Clipboard Options

Use this window to specify how Monarch Classic copies data from a document to the system clipboard.

To access this window select Options from the Home ribbon, then select Clipboard from the Options Window ribbon.

Clipboard Options



Include field names as the first row

Use this setting to export the Table window field names (or Summary window column titles) when exporting data to the Clipboard.

Text Format:

  • Tab-delimited: Select to use tab-delimited text and BIFF8 image formats (default settings) as the Clipboard image.

  • Fixed-length text: Select to use fixed-length text and BIFF8 image formats (Monarch Classic Version 7 and earlier behavior) as the Clipboard image.

Pad each field with one extra space

Adds a space after a fixed-length text field.


Clipboard Options > General



Make these the default settings

Saves the current settings in the Registry as the defaults for future Monarch Classic sessions. Note: When closing the current model you will be prompted to save the model changes. You must select Yes to save the tab settings as the defaults. If you choose not to save the model changes, the tab settings will not be saved as the defaults.

Restore from default settings

Restores the settings to the default values previously stored in the Registry.




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