Options Dialog - Build Model

The Options dialog, Build Model option allows you to set the standard include files and enable/disable the wizard related menu items in the menu bar.

To open this dialog, select Options from the Tools menu, and then click Build Model on the tree.
Figure 1. Options dialog - Build Model

The options available include:
Standard Include The standard include file is an include file which is read in when MotionView is launched or a new MotionView client is created. This file defines the default options such as Units, Gravity, and other solver options. A similar way to specify standard include is available in Model > Set Wizard Paths, however this method is likely to be discontinued in future releases.
Use standard include defined in preference file Activate this check box to use the default standard include file as specified in the preference_mbd.mvw file.

Uncheck this check box to activate the Standard include file file browser.

Standard include file Allows you to use the file browser to specify a standard include file other than the default file.

This option will be disabled if the Use standard include defined in preference file check box is activated (see above).

Legacy Support
Enable wizard support Use this option to activate or deactivate wizard related options in the Model and Analysis menus.

Unchecking this check box will disable the Assembly Wizard, Attachment Wizard, Set Wizard Path (under Model), and Task Wizard (under Analysis).

Create a separate definition when modifying a shared instance Use this option to control how shared instances should be handled while modifying them:
  • This option is activated by default, indicating that any modification to a shared instances will result in a separate definition.
  • Deactivate this option to retain the sharing and apply a change to one instance to the other shared instances also.

See the Managing Shared Definitions topic for additional information.

Use updated symmetry Using this option allows a truly symmetric rigid body to be represented (where properties represent bodies which are mirror with regard to each other about the Global ZX plane).
Click on background selects Ground Body Use this option to select the Ground Body by clicking on the background.
Allow CAD feature recognition for picking Use this option to create and select certain types of entities in a collector by picking an edge or surface of certain Graphic entities.
Python window command log
Enable python window command logging Activate this check box to enable saving commands in the Python window to a log file. See MotionView Python Reference Guide.
Log File Allows you to use the file browser to specify the file location to be used for logging the Python window commands.