Accessing Auto Entities in MotionView

Outlines how to load the MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools preference file and access the auto entities in MotionView.
  1. Start MotionView from the installation folder Altair HyperWorks.
    The MotionView window is displayed.
  2. Click File > Load > Preference File from the MotionView menu bar.
  3. Select MBD-Vehicle Dynamic Tools from the Preferences dialog.
  4. Click Load to register the auto entities in MotionView.
    Auto entities can now be accessed through the Project BrowserContext Menu Add Auto Entity option.
  5. In the Project Browser, right-click on Model and select Add Auto Entity.
    The Add Entity dialog is displayed.
  6. Select whether to create a single or pair auto entity.

    When an auto entity pair is added to the model, MotionView automatically reflects the modifications made to the left auto entity of the pair to the right auto entity also, unless you choose otherwise using the Symmetry menu options.
  7. In the Type drop down menu, select the desired auto entity.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog.
    The selected auto entity panel is displayed in the panel area and the auto entity is created in the Project Browser.