Submit Job

  • Configure a remote machine
  • Submit a job to the remote machine either from the GUI or Command Line.
  • GUI will show list of submitted jobs both from GUI and CLI.
  • When a job is submitted to remote machine, remote machine will generate a JobID with pattern <number>.<remote server name>
  • The JobID will be shown in the log file that opens in the GUI after the job is submitted and will be displayed in the screen output in the Command Line.
  • Remote Jobs form GUI will show the list of jobs submitted with more details, which includes JobID.
  1. From the GUI, click Edit > Remote Servers > Add
  2. In the Input file(s) field, select the input file.
  3. Update the Options field.
  4. In the Remote field, select the configured remote machine.
    1. If a PBS server is selected, a PBS settings dialog will display.
    2. Select the resources for the job to be run on PBS.
      Figure 1.

  5. Click Run.
    Note: Use solver control option is not supported when submitting a remote job.
    Figure 2.

  6. From the Command Line, initiate a remote job on a Linux host/cluster or PBS server.
    This is useful when writing a script wrapper around the ACC batch mode.
    ACC <input file> -remote <remote server name> <arguments>
    ACC <input file> -remote <remote server name> -pbscpu <value> -pbsmem <value> 
    -pbschunks <value> <arguments>
    Note: The definition of the remote server cannot be created in the command mode – only from GUI application.