Manufacturing Solutions

Unified environment for manufacturing process simulation, analysis, and design optimization.


HyperForm provides a unique finite element based sheet metal forming simulation environment. It combines an extremely fast one-step and incremental forming solution based on Altair Radioss solver technology with the customized geometry manipulation and mesh generation capabilities of Altair HyperMesh. HyperForm's Die Module takes a giant leap in bringing the product designer closer to manufacturing by enabling engineers to create and analyze conceptual die designs in order to generate an optimized die. Die concepts can then be read into any CAD system as a starting block for the actual die build. The Blank Nesting tool allows manual or automatic search for single or multiple blank configurations in order to maximize material utilization. HyperForm can export data in Altair H3D format allowing results to be visualized using Altair HyperView Player with any web browser. HyperForm 1Step and incremental analyses are tightly integrated with HyperMorph and Altair HyperStudy, which allows the optimization of forming tools and process parameters using a highly automated approach.
  • Introduces forming feasibility criteria early in product development, where the most significant improvements are possible
  • Accurately predicts the blank size for improved material utilization
  • Provides a powerful tool to modify and verify multiple process scenarios with the ability to record and reuse complex model setup for repeatability of best practices
  • Visualizes wrinkles and splits, and fixes problems before cutting any steel
  • Provides powerful geometric tools for designing binder and parametric addendum
  • Provides an automated approach for optimization of stamping processes
  • Minimizes material wastage via blank nesting
  • Model setup for tailor welded blank and layered blanks
  • New GUI to quickly set up optimization problems in sheet metal forming
  • Springback positioner – Positions the part after springback relative to tools based on user preferences.
  • Model setup for Hot stamping using LS-DYNA
  • Drastically reduces the overall product cycle
The HyperForm help describes the unique features of HyperForm. Consult the HyperMesh help, User’s Guide for more information on HyperMesh-specific features.

For more information, reference the Manufacturing Solver help manual.


HyperXtrude User profile under Manufacturing Solver provides an easy to use interface for HyperXtrude solvers for metal extrusion, polymer processing, and metal rolling simulation. Refer to Solvers of this introduction for more details about these solvers. All the sub-profiles under this user profile have the following benefits.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Meshing wizards for quick model setup
  • HyperXtrude Job Manager to submit and manage local/remote jobs
  • Built-in and expandable material database
  • Process specific model setup tools
  • Wizard for tool deflection analysis using Altair OptiStruct
Some of the key process customizations are listed below.
Metal Extrusion
  • Extrusion wizard for setting up for all problem classes supported by the solver
  • Tools for bearing design and optimization
  • Tube extrusion wizard
Polymer Extrusion
  • Wizard for extrusion using plate dies
  • Coextrusion wizard to simulate coextruded parts with or without metal inserts and tool
  • Interface to setup to runner balancing analysis
  • Interface to setup a generic melt flow analysis
  • Tire extrusion analysis wizard
  • Easy to use interface for CFD tetrameshing

For more information, reference the Manufacturing Solver help manual.


HyperMold provides a highly efficient and customized environment for the following solvers:
  • Moldex3D Solid
  • Moldex3D Shell
  • Moldflow (Midplane, Fusion, and Solid 3D)
  • HyperXtrude for Resin Transfer Molding
Key features and benefits for each of these solvers are listed below.
This user profile supports model setup for three dimensional injection molding simulations using Moldex3D Solid solver.
  • Easy to use meshing wizards for model creation
  • Support for standard and fast cool analysis
  • Model diagnostics (similar to the solver)
This user profile supports model setup for injection molding simulations using Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® software.
  • Support for Midplane, Fusion (dual domain), and Flow3D analysis
  • Easy to use wizards to setup models for all three model types
  • Model diagnostics includes fusion mesh match estimator
  • Tools to create runner system and cooling circuits
This user profile supports model setup for resin transfer molding simulations using HyperXtrude solver for RTM.
  • Solid meshing wizard to mesh the model starting from solids
  • Interface for material database to add, edit, and maintain material data
  • Tools to create boundary and process conditions

For more information, reference the Manufacturing Solver help manual.


HyperWeld provides an efficient interface for setting up models and analyzing friction stir welding with the Altair HyperXtrude Solver.
  • Easy to use wizard for setting up models for butt, edge, lap and T-joints
  • Built-in and expandable material database
  • Tools to create and setup models with complex pin shapes and other joints not supported by the wizard

For more information, reference the Manufacturing Solver help manual.

Results Mapper

Altair Results Mapper is a tool that provides a framework to initialize a structural model with results from a forming simulation. It is based on the HyperCrash architecture.
  • Incorporates the manufacturing effects into structural analysis
  • Open environment that allows mapping of data between arbitrary solvers

For more information, reference the Manufacturing Solver help manual.

Important: To access the tool, use a version of Altair HyperWorks prior to version 2024.